Message from the General Director

Vina Washin Aluminum  Co., Ltd started its production in Vietnam in 2014 and continues today . Applying techniques of casting,extruding and drawing aluminum which have been developed by our parent company – WASHIN KOGYO CO., LTD. in Japan – we fabricate and supply aluminum extruded products aimed at the Southeast Asia market,contributing to the development of the region..
Our business provides a wide range of products from construction materials and landscaping items to products such as accessories for automobiles, motorcycles and medical supplies. This is achieved by continuing to develop technology that we have accumulated in the past.
We select and train talented and hard-working Vietnamese employees through a training and professional development process developed in Japan to improve production techniques, quality management, and product management ability. This enables coordination with Japanese staff to promote technology development, and helps the company to become a manufacturer of aluminum extruded products with its own characteristics that are not to be confused with any other manufacturer in the world.

                                                           VINA WASHIN ALUMINUM Co.,LTD

                                                             General Director, OKAYAMA YUTAKA