Alloy Characteristic Application
Serial 1000 Pure aluminum Pure aluminum is used in industry with a composition of pure aluminum of over 99% . This type has excellent shaping, corrosion resistance, weldability, good electrical and thermal conductivity. Household appliances, electrical tools, electrical transmission materials
Serial 2000 Aluminum – Copper alloys Hardness is equivalent to steel, but less in terms of corrosion resistance because it contains relatively large amounts of copper (Cu). Structural materials, forging materials, aircraft parts, motor bike parts
Serial 3000 Aluminium – manganese alloys Adding Manganese (Mn) increases hardness but still does not reduce the ability to shape and resist corrosion.  Construction materials, containers, auto mobile parts
Serial 4000 Aluminum – Silicon alloys Adding a relatively large amount of silicon (Si) prevents thermal expansion and provides superior heat endurance and abrasion resistance. Welding materials, welding wire, forged piston materials
Serial 5000 Aluminum- Magnesium  alloys Adding magnesium helps to increase hardness and weldability. Decorative materials, structural materials, OA components
Serial 6000 Al-Mg-Si
Aluminum – Magnesium – Silicon  alloys
Hardness and corrosion resistance are improved by adding magnesium (Mg) and silicon (Si). In addition,  block casting cabalitiy is also better. Structural materials, auto / motorbike / rail vehicles parts 
Serial 7000 Aluminum  – Zinc – Magie Magnesium  alloys Adding Zinc (Zn) and Magnesium (Mg) forms the alloy with the highest hardness of all aluminum alloys. Materials for welding and manufacturing aircraft